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Our Services

We can help you in different situations

Removing of defaults

Rescinding of Judgments

Rescinding of Administration Order

Cancellation of Debt Review

Removing of Trace Alerts

Credit Check

Removing of Fraud Listing

Increasing of Credit Score


adverse listings

DEFAULT – is a type of adverse listing recorded by a financial institution (Banks), in cases where you owed money to the bank and failed to pay.
JUDGEMENT– could be recorded on your name at the credit bureau if you owed your creditors money and they have to obtain court order from courts of Law (Magistrate Courts) compelling you to make payments and granting the creditors (Plaintiff) the right to take actions against you in order to collect the monies outstanding.


Blacklist Info

Having a bad Credit Record can have devastating affect on your life . You can’t buy the things you want, open a bank account or even to get the job you have dreamed of. We are specialists at Credit Bureau and can help you Both individual people and companies can be blacklisted. To be blacklisted means that you have bad credit record. This is probably because you have not paid a shop or other company to which you owed money or perhaps you did not pay them on time