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is a listing that result from your indebtedness to various creditors of not more than R50 000, who apply to courts of law to have their debt paid by you to them through an Administrator. You are therefore required to pay the Administrator, who in turn distributes payments per month to your creditors on your behalf.
In essences, administration order means that you cannot take control of your life in respect of debt s , thus you need the help of the third party, the Administrator it acts as a shield from your creditors in circumstances that your debt are enormous , but does not help your credit profile ratings. Nonetheless, we could assist you by apply to the court of law for the administration order to be rescinded. Having the application granted would allow you to take back control of your finances and not to pay the administration fees, which could improve your credit profile and thus get access to credit.


could be recorded on your name at the credit bureau if you owed your creditors money and they have to obtain court order from courts of Law (Magistrate Courts) compelling you to make payments and granting the creditors (Plaintiff) the right to take actions against you in order to collect the monies outstanding. We approach your creditors to ascertain the judgment debt and costs, in order to obtain consent to rescission of Judgment.
Once the judgment debt and costs are settled , we further apply to the respective courts of law and appear in person to have the judgment rescinded based on the creditor’s consents. We prepare the application on your behalf, having obtained the necessary consent , draft affidavits (if required) and appear in court on your behalf – you don’t need to be present at the hearing.
Thereafter, should the judges agree to the creditors consent and our arguments in court and rescind the judgment, we proceed to instruct the credit bureau to remove the judgment listing from your credit profile.


It is a type of adverse listing recorded by a financial institution (Banks), in cases where you owed money to the bank and failed to pay


Is a listing by your creditors who, in liaison with your employer, instruct your employer to deduct money from your salary on the monthly basis in re-payment of monies owed to them.
We are the view that the amount to be deducted monthly should be relative to your income and expenditure. Depending on the merits of your case, we could assist you challenge this matter into court of law either by rescission of garnishee or deduction in monthly deductions by creditors from your salary.